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Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tan: Review

I have been using this tan for almost 3 years now having first discovered it in time for my school prom and it is by far the best tan i’ve ever used.

I have always been a fan of St Moriz as I find it very reasonably priced for the average/good colour it gives, I always end up using it if i’m wanting a tan in a hurry or if I cant afford a better product. I would probably rate St Moriz as 6/10 as I love the fact it’s instant and I always know what result to expect. I would much rather spend less and use St Moriz compared to more expensive tans I have used such as MakeBelieve and Garnier instant tans which I found very over priced and orange.

Anyways, I have tried several tans within the Vita Liberata range including their mousse and untinted lotion and have to say this is by far the best in my opinion. I hate untinted self tanners as they always end up streaky on me simply because I can never properly tell which areas i’ve already covered. I did love the mousse as it was almost instant and had a nice smell however I found the colour a bit mucky compared to tinted lotion.

The shade I use and have always used is medium and without tan i’m pretty fair skinned, I think medium gives just enough colour without looking orange and I personally think it really looks natural.

One of the main things I love about this product is the ease of application due to the tint, I never find streaks after it’s developed and if and when it fades it does so evenly.
After a few hours I’d say about 3/4 as it’s not specified on the packaging, the tan is fully developed and has a slight scent which is nothing unpleasant. My skin always feels like there is nothing on it and it definitely feels softer after application.

Because of the organic ingredients in this tan I sometimes even use it on my face although it’s meant for the body as I find it really gentle and it doesn’t make me spotty.
I tend to buy it always from Boots and it’s currently reduced to about £15 instead of the usual £22 which I find is worth every penny anyways. I would easily say this product is worthy of an 8/9 out of 10. I am wearing the tan in both pictures below, I love the colour.

















Throughout the week at Uni I keep my eye make-up winged and fairly simple. I start my eye make-up by drawing over my brows with Benefit’s ‘brow zings’ which I have used for almost a year now and love. I find that the brow kit gives a much more natural colour and finish than my Rimmel eyebrow pencil which can be applied a lot quicker but always ends up making my brows look quite square and false. The product lasts me a long time and does not rub off easily even on a night out and I often wake up the next day with my eyebrows barely smudged. The only downside of this product for me is the brush applicator, it is very small and fiddly and I often lose it if I am in a hurry, it can make drawing brows on quite time consuming but I am particularly impatient.

After finishing my brows I then cover my upper eye lid with a light gold L’Oréal eye shadow, starting at the inner corner of my eye, spreading outwards and just under my lower lash line to try and brighten my eyes. I have used the same eye shadow for about three years now and have struggled to find a better product for me, it is subtle and shimmery and lasts me all through my day, however, on a night out I always take this product with me as it does fade slightly, especially when it’s warm even if I have used a primer on my eyes. To finish my eye shadow I simply dab a small amount of ‘Venus’, a shimmery creamy white colour from my Urban Decay Basics palette to the inner corner of my eyes and the ends of my eyebrows. I love the colours in the Basics Palette as they are all light and seem to suit my eye colour well, however, as they are almost all a matte finish, I often have to apply several coats to really have any lasting effect.





For my winged eye liner which almost always ends up looking too thick, I use a L’Oréal black liner which I have also used for several years. The applicator is soft and flexible which allows for good curved flicks to be drawn on easily, it rarely ever smudges and is probably my most reliable make-up product. One thing that does annoy me about this eye liner is the fact it only lasts me a month if I’m lucky, it tends to dry up very quickly even when the lid is tightly screwed on. Although I have used longer lasting liquid eye liners in the past, I continue to buy this product due to its easily application, I find this particular style of brush much easier to work with than the other harder felt tip styles.

After adding my top liner I thinly line my bottom lash line with a black Clinique liner which is long lasting and has a very intense, defining colour. As my eyes are too round for my liking I only draw along 3/4 of my bottom lash line to try and make them appear more oval.


I finish my eye make up off with the best mascara I have ever used. I apply a Lancôme black mascara quickly and thinly to my upper lashes and then very faintly to my lower lashes. This product is easily buildable and can be very subtle or very defining, it never seems to leave my eyelashes cakey or clumpy, in fact my eyelashes always seem to stay rather nicely spread apart even though they aren’t very long it is definitely worth every penny.


L’Oréal Super Liner Black Crystals – £6.49 Boots, Lancôme Hypnôse mascara 01 Noir – £22.50 Boots/Lancôme, Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense Black – £15 Clinique, L’Oréal Color Appeal Golden Shimmer – £5.99 Boots, Naked Basics palette – £22 House Of Fraser.